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  • fog-water

    Album Review: Neil Young

    Young is angry. Really angry. His latest album decries the rise of big box stores and mass agriculture. He even protests audiences distaste for protest music ... » listen

  • urban-revit

    My Friend, Alan Cheuse

    KUSP's Rick Kleffel treasures the time he spent with writer and scholar Alan Cheuse, who spent summers in Santa Cruz. Alan passed away on August 31st. ... » more

  • fog-water

    "How Do We Process"?

    We thank KUSP's Meera Collier, for sharing music going back to the 13th century, with poetry on this weeks 'Musica della sera'. Feel it here ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Meet Jazz Host Mike Lambert

    You can listen to Mike's modern and classic In the Groove jazz show Wednesday's at 9:30 p.m. or anytime on the music player. ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Grief Advice from Hospice

    In the aftermath of last week's tragedy, Hospice of Santa Cruz County offers advice, especially on how to talk about this event with children. ... » more

  • fog-water


    With ocean acid levels rising, teams from around the world competed for the XPRIZE, to build the best sensor to measure acid levels ... » more

  • fog-water

    Rickie Lee Jones New Perspective

    A new album marks Jones' first original material in years, spurred on by a life-changing move to New Orleans. Listen to the interview ... » more

  • urban-revit

    "The Globe is Getting Warmer"

    Science confirms 2014 was hottest year yet recorded, on land and sea. NOAA's report gathers data from 400 scientists ... » more


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