KUSP’s Financial Reports

On this page you’ll see links to two financial reports KUSP generates annually.
A pdf reader (such as Adobe Reader) is required to see the reports.

KUSP Audited Financial Statements
Year ending June 30, 2013 (pdf)
Year ending June 30, 2012 (pdf)

KUSP Form 990
Year ending June 30, 2012 (pdf)



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  • KUSP develops and releases audited financial statements every year. We are required to perform an annual audit of our financial statements as a condition of the grants we receive from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

    We file an annual information return with the Internal Revenue Service on Form 990, based on our audited financial statements. The public information copy of Form 990 is linked on this page.

    KUSP’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.