KUSP's Mission

KUSP is an independent, community-based, non-profit, interactive multimedia voice serving the greater Monterey Bay Area. We engage, entertain, and inform our community by providing a thoughtful mix of music, arts, and community programming.

KUSP's Vision

KUSP seeks to become the preeminent public voice of the Monterey Bay Area for thoughtful, balanced news and information and for knowledgeable exposure to great music. We wish our audience to reflect the demographic characteristics of the population of our listening area and to meet the information and entertainment needs of all our listeners, including those in isolated geographic areas.

Our programming will reflect our unique place and will appeal to our local and increasingly national and international audience. KUSP wishes to increase its relevance as a resource for connecting with inspiring, stimulating music and informative music discussion, mindful of the increasing audience preference for digital and on-demand media destinations. And we wish to expand and enrich the dimensions of KUSP's public involvement in all the arts.

KUSP's on-line properties will be a resource for effective digital forms of KUSP radio content and a venue for informative discussion. Our content will become more accessible and adaptive to the individual interests of our audience, making KUSP a more useful part of each audience member's life. We will continue and strengthen our public radio platform, and we will extend our platform to other media, as appropriate.

KUSP's development strategy will continue to be transparent and accountable. We will use mission-aligned opportunities to attract an audience that funds KUSP's current services; provides for adequate financial reserves; and funds development of new programming. We will successfully engage foundations and businesses across the spectrum of their sizes and interests, to sponsor over-the-air and on-line services. The diversity of our support will be part of how we guarantee our editorial independence.

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