KUSP Public Service Announcements (PSA)

KUSP airs Public Service Announcements for government agencies, non-profit groups and arts events in our listening area. PSAs should be written as you would like them announced over the air; no longer than 30 seconds. Include important information, such as Who, What, Where (be sure to include the physical address) and When, plus a telephone contact number and web address for more information. Ticket prices will not be announced on the air. Please submit PSAs for events with at least 6 weeks leads time. Final edits will be made by KUSP staff.

We prefer that PSAs be emailed to psa [at] kusp [dot] org, with the text of the PSA in the body of the email. Due to the number of PSAs received, there is no guarantee that a PSA will be read. Contact: PSA Director, psa [at] kusp [dot] org.

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